5 Essential Features of an E-Commerce Website Builder

Online shopping is becoming a day to day activity for most of the customers. They love the convenience of finding reliable products while on-the-go or from the comfort of their home. Thus, you need to consider the e-commerce business if you want to increase sales. You will not only reach a massive number of customers but also run your business from any place. However, some retailers run a business of low returns because they lack an understanding of the online business requirement. A website should be your priority because it will help you market your products quickly. With a reliable e-commerce website builder, you will create a site that will increase your business growth. Let’s have a clear view of 5 must-have features of an e-commerce website builder:

Ease of use

Have you wonder, how can I make a good website? Well, if you want to create a professional website without encountering challenges, you need to select an e-commerce website builder that has a user-friendly interface. It should allow you to come up with a professional site without involving the designer. One with ready-made templates and a drag and drop editor should be your consideration. With these features, you will only have a task of transferring the elements to your place of choice. Thus, you will not start from scratch.


Because in current days customers prefer using the cards to make payments, you need to ensure that their information is safe. Hence, an e-commerce website builder that has the PCI and SSL feature should be your consideration. It will protect the customers’ sensitive information which will enhance their experience. Also, a cloud-based platform is crucial because it will store your business sensitive data on the cloud. With this, you will still retain the information even after losing your device.

Marketing tools

You cannot succeed in the e-commerce business without the customers to purchase your products. Thus, you need to look for them and convey a crucial message about your product. You will achieve this by marketing. With an e-commerce website builder that has great marketing tools, you will reach a massive number of customers. Therefore you need to select one that integrates with social media. As you are aware, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have millions of users. Some visit these sites to search for products while others to share jokes. In this, case, if you upload images of your products, chances of driving traffic is high.
Another crucial marketing tool is SEO. SEO will help you reach search engine users; your main task will be to enhance ranking by add quality content and photos.


Being in front of millions of competitors is the best feeling for all the retailers. But how will you achieve this? You need to customize your website in a way that it will look unique. Adding images, videos, content as well as your business logo will make customers know more about your business. Read more about all the customizable features that you can use with your website builder in order to differentiate  your business from the competition.

It is for this reason why you need a customizable e-commerce website builder. The customization feature plays a crucial role in enhancing the functionality of your site. It will allow you to customize your files to improve the loading speed of your site. Also, you will get the freedom to customize the check-out process to enable customers to make quick purchases.

Customers’ experience

Without customers in your business, you cannot succeed. Thus, you need to have ways that will attract more buyers and enhance their experience. An e-commerce website builder that comes with the promotion features is essential. It will assure your customers of making purchases and saving money. Also, one that supports various devices should be your consideration because customers will use a device of choice to make purchases.

Wrapping up

An e-commerce website is a necessity of all online businesses. It will help you to convey a message about your products. Thus, you need to ensure that it has these features to improve your business growth.